Barred Owl

Strix varia
Barred Owl specimens on display in the exhibit "Birds of D.C."

DC Information

Fairly common permanent resident in heavily wooded forests, especially along rivers. Usually begins nesting in March, but eggs have been found as early as February 28. Female is larger than male.

Specimen Information

This record is for the male at the top left in the exhibit and shown above.
Date:  6/15/1886
Collected By:  John A Hamlin
Locality:  Montgomery Co, MD
Sex:  Male
Catalog ID:  108971
This record is for the bird at the top right in the exhibit (not shown here), also an adult.
Date:  11/29/1892
Collected By:  Harold B Stabler
Locality:  Sandy Springs, MD
Sex:  Male
Catalog ID:  127343
This record is for the juvenile at the bottom in the image above and lower left in the exhibit.
Date:  5/10/1911
Collected By:  Henry Kendall
Locality:  MD, near DC border
Sex:  Male juvenile
Catalog ID:  222482