Bonaparte's Gull

Chroicocephalus philadelphia
Bonaparte's Gull specimens on display in the exhibit "Birds of D.C."

DC Information

Common migrant, March to May and September to December; occasionally winters in large numbers along rivers and bays. Adults have a dark sooty slate head and throat in the spring, washed with grayish colors in the autumn. Immature birds may be identified by the black band on the tail. Sexes are alike.

Specimen Information

The bird shown at the top is an adult female in breeding plumage; this bird is on the left in the exhibit.
Date: 4/14/1879
Collected By: R Ridgway
Locality:  Potomac River, near Washington DC
Sex: Female
Catalog ID: 84772
The bird in the lower panel is young female in winter plumage (the head is white); this bird is on the right in the exhibit.
Date: 1/6/1859
Collected By: C Drexler
Locality:  Washington, DC
Sex: Female 
Catalog ID: 12691