Laughing Gull

Leucophaeus atricilla
Laughing Gull specimens on display in the exhibit "Birds of D.C."

DC Information

Fairly common summer resident near water, breeding late May to early August. The head is black in spring and summer adults, but streaked with white or gray in the fall and winter. Young birds are ashy brown above instead of pearly gray as the adults are. Sexes are alike.

Specimen Information

This is the record for the adult bird on the left.
Date:  5/17/1892
Collected By:  Edward J Brown
Locality:  Cobbs Island, VA
Sex:  Female
Catalog ID:  220282
This is the record for the immature bird on the right.
Date:  8/5/1901
Collected By:  Biol Survey/Frederick C Lincoln
Locality:  Hains Point, DC
Sex:  Female im
Catalog ID:  310606