Le Conte's Sparrow/Saltmarsh Sparrow

Ammodramus sp.
A Saltmarsh Sparrow specimen on display in the exhibit "Birds of D.C."

DC Information

Common summer resident, early May to late October, breeding from mid-May to late August. Some may winter here. Virtually restricted to salt marshes along the Eastern Shore. Sexes are alike.

Specimen Information

This exhibit is a triangular cluster of three birds with a Salmarsh Sparrow (the larger bird on the left in the exhibit)  and two Nelson's Sparrows, one above the other, on the right (not shown here).  The Saltmarsh Sparrow in the  image above is in the lower left corner  of the imaginary triangle. 
We apologize for an incorrect reference to Le Conte's Sparrow in the exhibit.  Upon further research, our current best assessment is the one Saltmarsh and two Nelson's Sparrows, based upon their markings and the identification tag on one of the Nelson's Sparrows.  
This is the information for the Nelson's Sparrow on the grass in the lower right corner of the imaginary triangle.
Date: 5/16/1910
Collected By: Dr. EA Mearns
Locality: Smith's Island, Northampton Co. VA
Sex: Female
Catalog ID: 212891
Scientific Name in Catalog: Passerherbulus nelsoni