Pied-billed Grebe

Podilymbus podiceps
Pied-billed Grebe specimens on display in the exhibit "Birds of D.C."

DC Information

Uncommon breeding bird along the Eastern and Western Shore, nesting in May and June. Common migrant in all aquatic habitats from February through May and August through December. Many birds winter from November through February. Sexes are similar.

Specimen Information

This bird, in winter plumage, is on the left.
Date:  9/2/1896
Collected By:  Wm Palmer/Edward J Brown
Locality:  Potomac River, DC
Sex:  Female
Catalog ID:  293010
This young grebe is in the center of the exhibit.
Date:  8/17/1878
Collected By:  Mr. Hamilton
Locality:  Washington, DC (Carp Ponds)
Sex:  Juvenile
Catalog ID:  75364
This bird, in breeding plumage, is on the right.
Date:  4/16/1912
Collected By:  Henry R Marshall
Locality:  Laurel, MD
Sex:  Female
Catalog ID:  233681