Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Nyctanassa violacea
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron specimens on display in the exhibit "Birds of D.C."

DC Information

A rare breeding bird, arriving early in April, nests from mid-April to early-July and leaves in early October. Seen at water margins and in swampy areas. Immatures are heavily streaked. Sexes are similar.

Specimen Information

The bird on the left is immature.
Date:  8/5/1901
Collected By:  Wm Palmer
Locality:  Washington, DC
Sex:  Female immature
Catalog ID:  177286
The bird on the right is an adult.
Date:  4/26/1883
Collected By:  R Ridgway
Locality:  Wheatland, Knox Co, IN
Sex:  Female
Catalog ID:  90362