The Project:

This website is an extension "Birds of the District of Columbia," an exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution (NMNH) that opened in 1923. This web site, created for mobile phones and computers, has been developed to enhance the visitor experience at the Exhibit. General information, vocalizations and the range map for each species are provided through a link to the species page hosted by the Encyclopedia of Life. An image of one or more of the specimens in the exhibit is included. Where it is available, the collection information about individual specimens is provided (collection catalog number, date collected, location, age and sex, and collector’s name); the catalogs that contain the information are housed in the Division of Birds at NMNH.


National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution: Katie Velazco, Robert Costello, Reid Rumelt, Zoe Munlyn, Nichole Lidstrom, Frances Pitlick and David Price, Office of Education & Outreach; Brian Schmidt and Christina Gebhard, Division of Birds.

Encyclopedia of Life: Cynthia Parr and Jennifer Hammock.

Programming for mobile devices: night kitchen interactive, Philadelphia

Images and Vocalizations: Refer to the "See more in the Enclyopedia of Life" link on each species page for specific media credit information. 

Maps: Office of Education & Outreach, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, adapted for mobile technology from NatureServe shape files. Original Compilers: Ridgely, R. S., T. F. Allnutt, T. Brooks, D. K. McNicol, D. W. Mehlman, B. E. Young, and J. R. Zook. 2007. Digital Distribution Maps of the Birds of the Western Hemisphere, version 3.0. NatureServe, Arlington, Virginia, USA. Data provided by NatureServe in collaboration with Robert Ridgely, James Zook, The Nature Conservancy - Migratory Bird Program, Conservation International - CABS, World Wildlife Fund - US, and Environment Canada - WILDSPACE. Copyright Notice: Compilation ©2010 NatureServe. All Rights Reserved. NatureServe grants to the public a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, translate, publish and use these data for non-commercial purposes.