White-winged Crossbill

Loxia leucoptera
White-winged Crossbill specimens on display in the exhibit "Birds of D.C."

DC Information

Irregular winter visitor October through March. Found in stands of conifers. The male is red; the female, olive green. Both have the diagnostic white winged patches.

Specimen Information

The top bird is a male; this may be the record for that specimen.
Date:  Summer 1883
Collected By:  LM Turner
Locality:  Fort Chimo, Ungava (Labrador)
Sex:  Not recorded
Catalog ID:  93571
On the lower branch is a juvenile on the left.  The record below is for the female on the right.
Date: March 1850
Collected By:  Am Museum NY/AL Hermann
Locality:  New Jersey
Sex:  Female
Catalog ID:  76705